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Double Your Referrals! Double Your Profits!

Learn how to immediately boost your agency's referrals and profits with tried and proven marketing strategies. Build customer loyalty, maximize your existing marketing plan and attract, retain and motivate your staff.

A One-day, On-site Program For All Medicare, Private Duty, hospital based or VNA agencies For Owners, CEO's, Administrators, HHA Community Liaisons, Sales People, and all Marketing Staff.

"Give Me Just One Day And I'll Reveal The Hidden Secrets To Supercharge Your Agency's Referrals!"

How would you like to stop being an advertising victim? Finally get accurately measurable, quick results from each and every dollar you put into ANY kind of advertising, marketing, or promotion? At will, SUPERCHARGE your referrals? Define and DOMINATE your market? This first-of-its-kind marketing program will help you re-invent your entire marketing process using result-oriented, tried-and-proven strategies. It is an "insider's" shortcut guide that introduces you and your marketing team to some of the most successful, most innovative, and most profitable marketing secrets available! If you are a Home Care Administrator, Owner or Sales Manager: How would you like to cut all the fat, waste, even the uncertainty out of your company's advertising and marketing AND make your salespeople immensely more productive? If you are a Home Care Sales Professional: How would you like to end cold prospecting once and for all? Possess new, powerful ways to magnetically attract prospects to your agency? Put an end to being screened, to phone tag? Have qualified prospects eagerly asking you to make time to see them?

All those benefits, and many more, are readily available to your agency with this powerful one-day program!

In this action-packed one-day, on-site program you'll begin to see how you can use the hidden potential that lies within your agency to outperform your competitors, supercharge your referrals and maximize your marketing efforts.

You'll Learn:
  • How to instantly transform your agency into a referral-boosting machine
  • How to identify "niche" marketing strategies
  • How to master up-selling and cross-selling strategies and tactics
  • The secrets to profit-producing media and direct marketing strategies
  • How to differentiate from competitors and increase market share
  • How to create strategic alliances that literally bring referrals to your door
  • Internal marketing strategies to totally inspire and motivate your team
  • How to develop a bullet-proof marketing plan
  • How to develop your own Unique Selling Proposition
  • And much, much more!
You'll be amazed at how easily you can adapt these ideas to your own business environment and watch your referrals grow. The COMPETITIVE EDGE program is filled with proven, results-oriented, bottom-line techniques you can apply immediately to make your agency totally results-driven and boost your sales & marketing team to a master's level!

2007 Fees:

$3,750.00 for one-day onsite seminar plus coach travel, roundtrip from Nashville, Tennessee and hotel accommodations.
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